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Are you drinking too much?
We may be able to help ...

If you'd like to speak with someone right now
Please call the AA helpline (10am - 10pm every day)
T: 1300 22 22 22 

All the helpline volunteers are sober alcoholics, and they understand what you're going through! They can answer your questions, or help you find a meeting. You don't have to identify as an alcoholic to call us, only have the desire to stop drinking. 
Here are some questions which might help you decide if you have a problem with drinking. (CLICK on the above link)

If you're wanting help for a friend or family member, you might like to contact AlAnon, which is a 12 step group for supporting friends and families of alcoholics.

You can make a start
You have made a decision. You’ve taken Step One and said to yourself; “Yes, I’m one of those people who is powerless over alcohol.” “My life has become unmanageable.” “I can’t stop drinking and I want help.” You have discovered, as it says in the Big Book, that alcohol is cunning, baffling and powerful.
In order to stop drinking, and stay stopped, there are a few simple principles that you will need to apply to your life. These principles are AA’s program of recovery. They can work for you as effectively as they have worked for countless others.

Following are some suggestions, which we feel will be of help to you on your path of recovery.
And remember, they are only suggestions:

Go to a meeting
You will find our Rainbow space safe, friendly, laid back and inclusive regardless what Gender, sex or sexuality you are. We also welcome LGBTIQ allies!
Quite simply, meetings are all about one alcoholic sharing similar thoughts, stories & concerns with another alcoholic - with the sole purpose of supporting each other & getting sober together. 
Get to as many meetings as you can, it will make a huge difference in your life before you know it!
Some members say that it made a huge difference in their sobriety by attending as many meetings as they could when they first sobered up.  The meetings kept them 'on track'  & doing the same could help you too.

Get a sponsor

A sponsor is an AA member who serves as a mentor of sorts to a newcomer in the program. A sponsor typically helps a sponsee to work the Twelve Steps; shares his or her personal experience, strength & hope; and helps the sponsee stay on the recovery track.
A few members may tell you that they got sober without the aid of a sponsor, and they may be telling the truth. However, our AA experience tells us that you will have a much better chance with a sponsor than without one.

In AA you will probably find that your sponsor is a vital part of your program of recovery.

Your sponsor will listen to you & give you suggestions; tell you what works form them; point out trouble spots & help you decide what to do about them. In other words, your sponsor helps you to understand the AA program and guides you along the path of recovery.
Though sponsors can’t solve all your problems, they help you face up to them with honesty and courage, and find ways to solve them by using the AA program. You can usually count on sponsors to do their part, and to encourage you to do yours.

Join a homegroup
Many people find it really beneficial to join a Home Group once they have found a  meeting they really enjoy and can relate to. And when you have some sobriety time up, you can choose what ever suits you. You will be welcome with open arms.  
A home group gives you some stability, a sense of belonging & its nice to see the same friendly faces every week!

What is a home group? A bunch of lovely people that take turns in opening up meetings and chairing meetings & making sure everything runs smoothly. But its much more than that. Its comradery, its the hand of friendship, & its very unique in AA!

But don't worry, first thing is first, we are here to support you in your sobriety. Just something to think about anyway.


Image by Divya Agrawal
Image by Carlos de Toro @carlosdetoro
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